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Aesthetic is written in Typescript and compiled to JavaScript. As such, all tooling requires at minimum NodeJS v10.10 to run correctly.

We highly suggest installing and managing NodeJS with nvm.

Command line#

Aesthetic provides an interactive command line program through the @aesthetic/cli package. In furthur documentation, we'll use the aesthetic binary within examples, which should be substituted with 1 of the following patterns.

Global install#

Install the package globally to make the aesthetic binary available everywhere.

yarn global add @aesthetic/cli

Then run the binary as-is.

aesthetic <cmd>

Local install#

Install the package locally to the project to make the aesthetic binary available within scripts.

yarn add --dev @aesthetic/cli

Update package.json to define the script.

"scripts": {
"compile": "aesthetic compile <name> ./build"

Then run the script with NPM or Yarn.

yarn run compile


Execute a one-off command using NPX, which is installed alongside Node.js and NPM.

npx @aesthetic/cli <cmd>