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Styled components

An alternative to styling components manually is to use the createStyled() API, which creates a reusable component at the lowest level -- per element. This approach was made popular by the styled-components library.

The createStyled() (or styled alias) function requires the name of an HTML element to render underneath the hood. Using the example below, it would render a <button />. It also requires a partial style sheet (either an object or function), in which a single element is styled, instead of multiple elements.

import React from 'react';
import { createStyled } from '@aesthetic/react';
const Button = createStyled('button', (css) =>
css.mixin('reset-button', {
display: 'inline-flex',
padding: css.var('spacing-df'),
textAlign: 'center',
export default Button;

Because this API is based on existing HTML elements, all props for that specific element are automatically supported and are typed correctly if using TypeScript.

<Button type="submit" disabled={disabled} onClick={onClick}>

Variant styles#

Styled components can support any number of customizable variations out of the box.

const Button = styled('button', {
display: 'inline-flex',
padding: css.var('spacing-df'),
textAlign: 'center',
'@variants': {
'size:sm': { fontSize: css.var('text-sm-size') },
'size:df': { fontSize: css.var('text-df-size') },
'size:lg': { fontSize: css.var('text-lg-size') },
'palette:brand': { backgroundColor: css.var('palette-brand-bg-base') },
'palette:positive': { backgroundColor: css.var('palette-positive-bg-base') },
'palette:warning': { backgroundColor: css.var('palette-warning-bg-base') },
// Set default props to define default variants
Button.defaultProps = {
palette: 'brand',

You can then enable a variant by passing a prop with the name of a variant, and a value of one of its types.

<Button palette="brand" size="lg">
Large branded button

If using TypeScript, you'll need to type the variant props manually using the 2nd generic.

interface ButtonVariants {
size?: 'sm' | 'df' | 'lg';
palette?: 'brand' | 'positive' | 'warning';
const Button = styled<'button', ButtonVariants>('button', {
// ...

Composing components#

Styled components can also extend and compose around other styled components. When using this approach, all styles and their variants are inherited.

const Button = styled('button', (css) => ({
display: 'inline-flex',
textAlign: 'center',
padding: css.var('spacing-df'),
const BlockButton = styled(Button, {
display: 'flex',
width: '100%',
const PillBlockButton = styled(BlockButton, {
borderRadius: '50%',