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Aesthetic provides a handful of options for customization through the configure() method. If you would like to customize these options, import and call the method with an options object. This customization should happen near the root of the application, before any Aesthetic styled React component is imported or rendered.

import { configure } from '@aesthetic/<integration>';
defaultUnit: 'px',


The following options are currently supported. These options are based on the @aesthetic/style package. Jump over to the official documentation for expanded information on them.

  • customProperties (PropertyHandlerMap) - Mapping of property handlers to provide custom formats and functionality. Supported by @aesthetic/addon-properties.
  • defaultUnit (Unit | (prop: string) => Unit) - A unit to append to numerical values. Can be a string or a function that returns a string. Defaults to px.
  • deterministicClasses (boolean) - Generate class names using a deterministic hash (c1sjakp) instead of an auto-incremented value (a1). Useful for scenarios like unit tests. Defaults to false.
  • directionConverter - (DirectionConverter) - Function that converts a property or value to their opposite direction. Supported by @aesthetic/addon-direction.
  • injectStrategy (create | create-async | render) - The strategy to use for style injection (when applicable). Defaults to create-async.
    • create - Styles are injected during style sheet creation (createComponentStyles, etc).
    • create-async - Like create but injects them asynchronously.
    • render - Styles are injected during an integration's render path or during an explicit render (renderComponentStyles, etc).
  • rootVariables (boolean) - Apply CSS variables derived from the current theme to the body :root. Defaults to false.
  • vendorPrefixer (VendorPrefixer) - Apply vendor prefixes to properties and values that require it. We prefix features for browsers with >= 1% market share. Supported by @aesthetic/addon-vendor.


These addons are typically used in conjuction with options.